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Restorative Dental

The tooth is the only part of the body that can’t repair itself

The team at Perfect Smile will repair and restore your teeth for you.

Do you have a mouth full of metal fillings? If yes, you’re not alone. 

Not only are silver amalgam fillings unsightly but have been proven to pose  potential health risks. Amalgam is a metal that is usually composed of approximately 50% mercury, 25-30% silver, 15% tin and 8% copper. Small amounts of other trace metals are used as well.

In contrast to amalgam, composite resin or ceramic is tooth-coloured and provides a more attractive and appealing smile. Many of our patients enjoy not only an aesthetically pleasing smile, but an increase in their overall health after amalgam removal.

If you have a mouth full of metal fillings, book an appointment and discover how Perfect Smile can help you.

Perfect Smile Dentists

Our dentists are passionate about bringing the best dental experience to Adelaide. 

That is why we’ve has assembled a friendly and professional team that shares a passion for patient-centered dentistry.

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