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Children’s Dental Emergency

If your child is experiencing a Dental Emergency, we are ready to help!

We understand that there is never a good time for your child to have a dental emergency. When toothache or injury strikes your little one, Perfect Smile will come to the rescue!

A trip to the dentist is an important part of maintaining good oral health, and it becomes even more crucial in the event of a dental emergency. As a parent, nothing is more frightening than seeing your child suffer from a dental emergency.

In dental emergency situations, a child may experience severe pain to their teeth and mouth. The highly-qualified and experienced dentists at Perfect Smile’s Dental Clinic in Adelaide can address these issues quickly and effectively, providing immediate relief.

Why choose Perfect Smile in Adelaide for Emergency Dental Services?

Expert, Friendly Team

With 20+ years of combined experience in children’s dentistry, our friendly staff will be with you and your child through each stage of your treatment

Innovative Technology

The best children’s emergency dental care technology and procedures for shorter treatment times and the best outcome.

Relaxing Entertainment

We understand that your child may be nervous while they experience a dental emergency – and understandably! As experts in paediatric dentistry, we have found that the Netflix, sleep, and music options in our practice have given both patient and parent the calming solutions they need to have the most comfortable treatment possible.

Innovative Technology

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Meet Our Friendly Dentists

Say hello to Dr Jamie Jackson!

Dr Jamie Jackson is not only graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science from Charles Sturt University, but he was also awarded the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence for his services and performance as a dentist.

With Dr Jamie Jackson, you can rest assured that you’ll be smiling with confidence again in no time!

Also an alumni of Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Dental Science, Dr Jamie Jackson has worked across all fields of general dentistry.

Not only does he have a passion for staying up-to-date on the latest, cutting-edge dental technology (and then bringing it into the practice!), but he is well-versed in giving people the smile of their dreams.

What else should I do?

An emergency dental situation can be a stressful and frightening experience, especially when it involves your child. The first step is to stay calm and assess the situation, then contact either Perfect Smile in Adelaide or an urgent care facility. If necessary, administer first aid such as cleaning and covering any wounds with gauze. 

During the appointment, our dentists will address the immediate issue as well as determining the cause and making recommendations for preventive measures in the future. While every emergency is unique, common occurrences include broken or knocked out teeth, toothaches, and injuries from sports or accidents. 

Your dentist may suggest x-rays, fillings, crowns, root canals, or alternative solutions depending on the severity of the problem. 

With proper care and preventive measures in place, future emergencies can hopefully be avoided. However, staying prepared and knowing where to go for treatment can alleviate some of the stress in case of a dental emergency with your child.

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